Larimore Family Newsletter – October 2009 Edition

The Grass Is Not Always Greener: A Look at National Health Care Systems Around the World – Part 3 – Great Britain
October 2, 2009
How to Keep Normal Labor Normal – Part 4 – Partners
October 2, 2009
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Larimore Family Newsletter – October 2009 Edition

Here is the Table of Contents for the October edition of our Family Newsletter:

  • Family Update
    • Sarah Elisabeth needs your prayers
  • Publication Update
    • Bryson City Books and TV???
    • Note from a reader about the Bryson City books
    • Note from a pastor about the Bryson City series
    • Today’s Christian Magazine
    • Dr. Walt interviewed for Live Right Live Well article on childhood obesity
    • Reader’s Guide for my newest book, 10 Essentials of Happy, Healthy People, available\
    • TSI: The Gabon Virus – autographed copies available
  • Events of the last month
  • Upcoming Events

Family Update
Unbelievable, but we’ve already had two days of snow in Monument. In our neck of the country, September snows are not unusual, but it was had to tell the summer good bye.
Our big news concerns our yet unborn granddaughter, Sarah Elisabeth. Our son, Scott, his precious wife, Jennifer, live in Atlanta when Jennifer is doing a post-doc in neurobiology at Emory. Beth, as they will call their second child, was due on November 13th.
However, they’ve run into a fairly significant bump on the road.
At a routine ultrasound last week, the doctors found a very rare complication called vasa previa – an obstetric complication defined as “fetal vessels crossing or running in close proximity to the inner cervical os,” which is the opening to the womb.
With vasa previa, the blood vessels from Sarah to her placenta course within the membranes unsupported by the umbilical cord or placental tissue.
Therefore, these fragile blood vessels are at high risk of rupture. IF they rupture, the risk of death to the unborn child is very high (50-95%).
This is especially likely if (1) the cervix dilates, (2) the membranes rupture, or (3) if the vessels become pinched off as they are compressed between the baby and the walls of the birth canal during labor.
However, when vasa previa is diagnosed, elective delivery by cesarean before labor begins will usually save the baby’s life.
Ideally, the cesarean should be performed early enough to avoid an emergency, but late enough to avoid problems associated with prematurity.
Therefore, the doctors admitted Jennifer (and Beth) to Emory University Medical Center last week for close monitoring until the baby is born.
And, they are recommending delivery of Sarah between 34 and 35 weeks gestation — which is currently scheduled to be on Monday, October 5.
Providentially, Kate, Barb, and I were already scheduled to fly into Atlanta on Sunday, October 4.
We are hoping you will join us for praying daily for Scott, Jennifer, Anna Kate, and Sarah Elisabeth:

  • That Sarah Elisabeth will be born alive and well.
  • That she will need little or no time in the NICU.
  • That Jennifer will remain healthy and do well with the surgery.
  • That Scott will be guided by the Lord to balance wisely the difficulties and responsibilities of work, being a single dad, and being a husband.
  • For wisdom for the doctors and healthcare team caring for Jennifer and Sarah Elisabeth.
  • That the Lord will give Scott and Jennifer peace during these difficult times and that he will use these events to draw them more closely to Himself.

And, would you join is expressing thanks:

  • For the timing that will allow us to be there with the kids when Beth is born.
  • For the early, and likely, lifesaving diagnosis made by the ultrasonographer.
  • For the excellent care Jennifer and Beth are receiving at Emory University.
  • For the support Jennifer and Scott have from close friends and family, as well as their church family, in Atlanta.

And, if you’d like to text Jennifer an encouragement (or, even a daily encouragement), please do. You can text her on her cell phone at (205) 907-9701. However, the kids are requesting no phone calls.
Thanks SO much to each of you for your kind thoughts and prayers! We’ll keep you updated as events warrant.
We hope all is well with you and yours.
Publication Update
Bryson City Books and TV???

My long time friend, and business counsel, Ned McLeod, Esq, recently received this note from a movie producer, after he read the Bryson City books:

“I think Walt’s books would make the basis of a great TV series. … reminiscent of James Herriot or Marcus Welby with a country feel. I think it is right in-line with what Hallmark does, and a few others. I think a treatment and series bible would have to be done to flesh out the stories before seeking a broadcast deal. The approach should be simple and straightforward allowing for shooting in the hospital and clinic as well as the locations. The characters are rich, lovable and genuine. (Dr. Walt’s) pedigree as a TV host/personality lends another promotion and production element that is intriguing.”

Note from a reader about the Bryson City books

There’s hardly a better blessing for a writer than to receive this type of feedback – and, from another writer, no less!

Dear Dr. Larimore,

I want to take a moment on this beautiful Sunday afternoon to say thank you. My husband and I took this past week off. He is the pastor of … (a) church. Unfortunately, (we) were both down with bugs, but actually God used it as a very tender week together. He also orchestrated a week of weather that didn’t make us sad to not be out hiking or taking other adventures. We were grateful!

About six weeks ago I ordered your books through Amazon. I have to confess that I am much more nonfiction than fiction, but we had heard from (a friend) Murphy that these books were great. I was still finishing up another book when (my husband) decided to read your first Bryson City book.

When writing to an author, because I also write, I am always reluctant to let him know how quickly his book was ingested. I am deeply aware of what is involved with sitting down with the Lord to write a book, and something about having it swallowed in a short time can feel like a bit of a stomach punch. You must know, however, that in our house it is an indication of delight! (We are two former English teachers).

(My husband) did not want to put the book down. He compared your writing to the James Herriot books we all enjoyed reading years ago, and just kept talking about your exceptional writing. Yesterday he finished the first book and picked up the second while I picked up the first.

James Herriot wrote wonderful stories from another continent with another focus. You write wonderful stories from this continent and with an incredibly winsome focus that echoes into all of our lives. The lessons you learned are lessons the Lord would have all of us learn.

Last night our 18 year old son came in late and both (my husband) and I couldn’t sleep for a couple of hours. Ken went to another bedroom and it turns out both of us were reading your books in those wee hours.

I finished your first book just a bit ago, and I am hoping (he) will keep up his clip so we can both move on to the next!

Thank you for offering the gifts the Lord has given you on so many different levels. Your candidness about your own learning in those years, along with your amazingly teachable spirit reach deep into the heart. It’s simply fun and profound reading.

May God continue to bless you with eyes to see and a heart to share, and may you continue to hear the echoes of the blessing it is to so many of us.

Thank you so!

Note from a pastor about the Bryson City series

Dear Dr. Larimore,

I just finished the third book of the Bryson series. They were simply delightful to read – and very engaging. You are a gifted writer – I was drawn right into the stories. (I’ve been told, by a member of my congregation) that I have to read (The Gabon Virus), which she raves about.

Beyond the writing skill, which is very evident, there is something very winsome about you and your faith, which shines through.  I use the word “shines” intentionally – it does not “pound” through – so much writing today seems like the narrative is a thin veil for an agenda, but yours flows together so naturally and well. This is a gift . . .

Thanks for sharing your heart and your stories in these books – I know that there is always a cost involved in this kind of writing.

Today’s Christian Magazine

I have an article, “Optimize Your Health and Happiness,” in the September/October issue of Significant Living’s Today’s Christian magazine. (2009(Sep/Oct);3(5):10-11.)

Dr. Walt interviewed for Live Right Live Well article on childhood obesity

Here’s a portion of the article, penned by Daryn Eller: Is Your Child Obese? Live Right Live Well. September 2009.

Obese children run the risk of developing diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol — conditions that can lead to an early death. In fact, “some obese kids’ cardiovascular systems look three times older than they are,” says family physician Walt Larimore, M.D., a health educator and co-author of SuperSized Kids. What’s more, obese children are more likely to experience social and psychological problems, such as stigmatization and poor self-esteem.

Unfortunately, study after study has found that parents often don’t recognize when their children are dangerously overweight. “Parents don’t see with objective eyes,” says Dr. Larimore. “And so many kids today are overweight that overweight looks normal.”

Reader’s Guide for my newest book, 10 Essentials of Happy, Healthy People, available

This book is an update and a revision of two of my first health books (10 Essentials of Highly Healthy People and God’s Design for the Highly Healthy Person). You can order a copy an autographed copy of the book here.

I was blessed to have some professional writers and education professionals at Los Altos Methodist Church (not far from the Stanford University campus) develop a reader’s or small-group study guide for the book.

If you’d like to study these principles with some other folks, you can download the guide, at no cost, here.

TSI: The Gabon Virus – autographed copies available

I now have available for you copies of this book autographed by both myself and Paul McCusker. These would make great holiday gifts, but the supply is limited. You can order copies here.

Events of the last month

Sep 12: Our book signing of “The Gabon Virus” at a Barnes and Noble in Colorado Springs was a surprising success. The store had far more people than they predicted and even ran out of books. It was great to be able to meet and greet so many folks.

Sep 16-22: Barb traveled to Orlando, Florida for a women’s conference at First Baptist Church. She was privileged to be able to serve the conferees and her dear friend, Jennifer Adamson, who is the Director of Women’s Ministries at the church.

Sep 17-18: I spoke on the topic of “How to Cherish Your Wife” at a men’s retreat in the Rocky Mountains – at IVF’s Bear Trap Ranch. It was a treat to be able to interact with men who want to be better husbands and to love their wives well.

Sep 22-27: Barb traveled to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where she had an excellent visit with ther family.

Sep 24-26: I attended my first meeting of the International Board of HCJB Global. The meeting was in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It was an honor to be able to co-serve with and spend prayer time with these humble servant-minded men and women. You can learn more about the ministry here.

Sep 30-Oct 4: Barb, Kate, and I are currently in Chicago. I’m attending the AMA’s RUC meeting. You can learn more about the RUC here. Meanwhile, Barb and AKate are enjoying the stores, museums, and restaurants in this amazing city.

Upcoming Events

Oct 4-7: Barb, Kate, and I will travel from Chicago to Atlanta where I’ll be attending the National Advisory Council on Sexual Health (NAC) of the Center for Excellence in Sexual Health (CESH) at Morehouse School of Medicine. You can read more about the NAC here. Barb and Kate will be staying with Scott. We’ll all be on standby to meet little Miss Sarah Elizabeth, if her scheduled C-section occurs that day. We’re tentatively scheduled to fly home on Wednesday.

Oct 15: Barb will fly to Orlando to visit with friends, while I fly to Seattle to speak at a couple of events for the Legacy Institute.

Oct 16-20: I’ll fly to Orlando to join Barb. We’ll speak together on our book, “His Brain, Her Brain,” at the First Baptist Church on Friday evening and Sunday morning. After a day of rest with friends, we’ll fly home on Tuesday.

Oct 22-25: Barb and I will fly to Grand Rapids, Michigan, and then drive out to the Maranatha Bible Camp on the shore of Lake Michigan to teach a weekend “His Brain, Her Brain Conference” for the Midwest region of the Christian Medical and Dental Associations (CMDA).

Oct 25: We’ll drive back to Grand Rapids. That evening we’ll have dinner with dear friends, Dave and Cindy Lambert, and then I’ll speak to the students at Grand Rapids State University.

Oct 26: Barb will fly home, while I speak twice in Grand Rapids – one time to medical students and another to the local CMDA Chapter.

Oct 27: I will speak twice in Lansing, Michigan – once to the medical students and in the evening to the local CMDA Chapter.

Oct 28 – Nov 3: I’ll be a Visiting Professor at the In His Image Family Medicine Residency in Tulsa, OK. During this visit I’ll be teaching the residents how to incorporate their faith into their practice using a course I co-wrote with my dear friend, Bill Peel, called “The Saline Solution.”

Past Issues

You can get more information on many of Dr. Walt’s upcoming events here.
As always, Dr. Walt and Barb so appreciate your support, notes, calls, and especially your prayers!
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