Team of Family Physicians in Myanmar – Report #3

Family Physicians in Earthquake Ravaged China
May 21, 2008
Dr. Walt’s Comments on the Health Headlines – May 21, 2008
May 21, 2008
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Team of Family Physicians in Myanmar – Report #3

Dr. Walt has received another report from a spouse of one of the team members of the Family Physicians from the U.S. that crossed the Thailand border into Myanmar and are providing medical mission work in the devastated delta of Myanmar. 
If you want to send the team a message, through me, please post your note below.
Here’s the note she sent to Dr. Walt:
Everyone is great and Our Father is doing mighty things!!! 
The team is healthy and strong and working very well together!!
Yesterday the team went out quite a way from (the village in which the team is staying) and cared for a large group of people whose village had been destroyed and all the people who survived are living in a school without a roof – very difficult since it has been raining for five days.
Sunday my SS class at our Father’s house prayed and asked our Father for sun. Our teacher said during that time he saw the clouds parting and sun shinning trough. 
I am very excited to tell you that when I talked to (my husband) he told me that the sun is shinning and there is not a cloud in the sky!!!
The weather report is still saying 100% rain for the whole week.
Hearing about the sunny sky is very, very good news – not only for the team who have been working in monsoon type conditions, but for all the survivors struggling to live without homes and shelter.
(My husband) has asked that special prayer be given during the next 8 hours as one of the team members will be going on a “special” mission today and will need extra covering! 
The rest of the group will be going out to do another clinic.
Tomorrow the team will meet with the local doctors again to do some work shops and teaching to better prepare them to take care of their people as the days go by.
(My husband) said that this place is more open and receptive to the “news” than any place he has ever been before. Our Father is doing a great and mighty work! 
The team has made some amazing connections that will be very valuable in the future!
Please continue to pray for…
continued health and strength for the team
open and receptive hearts of the doctors the team will be sharing with continued sunshine
continued wisdom and direction as each day unfolds
restoration for the people of Burma 
I am planning to speak with the team on Thursday evening which will be Friday morning for them their last day in Burma, I will send out another letter after that.

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