Family Physicians in Earthquake Ravaged China

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May 21, 2008
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May 21, 2008
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Family Physicians in Earthquake Ravaged China

Dr. Walt went to medical school with a college friend, Keith Morgan. They have been dear friends ever since.
Dr. Morgan and his wife, Cindy, have been serving as medical missionaries in Macao, China, for almost 30 years. Part of their ministry has been setting up a Family Medicine Residency in China, and Dr. Walt had the privilege of teaching there a couple of years ago.
We’ve just received a report from a team from the Macao Family Medicine Residency who are serving in the earthquake ravaged area of China. We hope you’ll keep them in your prayers. Here’s their report:
The team had a long and tiring day yesterday, but were able to accomplish much. They ended up returning back to Chengdu late last night.  
They were in an area about two hours from Chengdu. The small hospital there had requested help. Chris (Place, M.D.) said the city was basically abandoned except for all the sick and wounded crowding into the small hospital.  
The hospital has about 120 doctors, who have done an amazingly good job of trying their best to take care of the overwhelming patient load. They needed water and supplies, which the team was able to help a little with.  
Our team especially was able to give encouragement, which was one of the most needed things, as the local doctors are feeling tired, overwhelmed, and discouraged with the need around them.  
This hospital, as well as the whole area, has a huge need for longer term supplies and equipment, which was lost in the earthquake, if they are to sufficiently care for the people around them.  
One of the most amazing things has been how fast the military has responded. They are doing such a good job in their rescue efforts. Everywhere the team went, there would be soldiers running past with their shovels.  
As our team drove down one of the abandoned streets a lady ran out screaming for them to stop.  
She said, “We’ve found someone alive! We’ve found someone alive!”  
It turns out the person was about a five hour walk away up into the mountains. Our  team was able to bring her to the local military to try and set up a rescue team. 

Along with their work at the hospital yesterday, our team also hiked a mile or so to another isolated village. The found an 81 year old lady there with two fractured legs and horrible bed sores from being unable to move for so long. Her family was trying their best to care for her. Our doctors splinted her the best they could, and taught the family what to do to help her.  
Before the earthquake she was still working in the fields everyday on her farm. She’ll probably never walk again.  
They treated several people in this village before returning to Chengdu for the night.

They will be going to a different location today, but they hadn’t received their assignment yet.  
Pray for: 
Discernment for the most priority needs (so many needs – what do you do first???)
Strength and energy for team (they were all drained last night from the hard work and little to eat)
Local people and families that have lost so much.

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