God's Design for the Highly Healthy Teen
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CHAPTER 2: Assessing Your Teenís Health

CHAPTER 3: We Have Ignition: Preparing for the Puberty Years

CHAPTER 4: You’re Two-Thirds of the Way There

CHAPTER 5: Finding the Right Examination Room

CHAPTER 6: The Cut Look and Cutting Looks

CHAPTER 7: For Appearance’ Sake

CHAPTER 8: The ABC’s—and D’s—of Nurturing Your Teen

CHAPTER 9: Escape into Ecstasy

Chapter 10 ≠ Home Channel Network

Chapter 11 ≠ Family Matters

Chapter 12 ≠ How Clear is Your Teenís Connection

Chapter 13 ≠ Getting All Hot and Bothered

Chapter 14 ≠ Building on the Solid Rock

Chapter 15 ≠ Into the Clubhouse Turn

Dr. Walt's Book Nook

How can I coach my teen through the threats of drugs and sex? What physical changes are normal and when is it time to seek care? This book will powerfully protect and enhance your teen's health through these critical (and often scary) teen years.
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Bryson City Seasons
Journey through the seasons with a young doctor (Dr.Walt) as he establishes his practice in a North Carolina mountain hamlet. With characters as colorful as autumn maples and events as varied as cloud shadows crossing the ridges.
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